On-Demand DTG Fullfilment:

What do I need to have prepared before contacting you?

We are here to create a roadmap with you. Let us know what your current situation is, an idea of your goals, any designs or key things you are looking to accomplish, take a look at our WORK tab to take a look at some services we have done in the past, the more communication to us the better! We want to help you bring your ideas to life. We recommend our on-demand clients already have their seller’s permit needed to conduct business. The more details you have in place (like buying your website domain, setting up your social media accounts, etc.) the faster and easier we can get moving.

I already have a brand but would like to revamp and consult with Marsuno Creative to have a more effective brand. Who can I connect with?

At Marsuno Creative, we want to create an optimal experience and be able to be of support so that you can get the max out of your created brand. Reach out to us at orders@marsuno.com for us to connect with where you are at and your vision!

Am I able to give you my ideas and Marsuno Creative can help me create my brand?

Absolutely! We are a vertically-integrated, full-service design agency focused on building brands that work. We help work with you to create a roadmap for a successful brand. Fill out our Quote Estimator Form so we can get a better idea of what you are working with! We also offer starter packages for brands looking to get started or relaunch that includes design work and a basic Shopify site so you can get selling quickly.

How does it work with on-demand? Do I just send over my files to get set up?

We are currently not accepting any on demand accounts until we hit a minimum of 100 units a month. However, we are always accepting both sample and bulk production orders.

How does it work with the drop shipping?

Typically, we integrate your online shop (Shopify is our preferred platform, but we can also support other platforms including Squarespace, WooCommerce, and others) to our shipping platform so that we can receive and fulfill your orders. Once an order is received, it goes into our production queue and typically ships out within 3-5 business days. Shipping labels can be customized with your brand name and logo, and your customer receives notifications from your site so their experience is seamless.

I have an idea for a brand but I am not sure what my next steps are, what do I do?

We are here to make it easy for you! We are big on communication and working with you to stay within you budget and ideas to create a brand you love. Fill out our Quote Estimator Form so we can connect with you!

I have my idea for a brand, website, logo and now I want to place an order. Where do I go now?

Let’s get your brand made! Check out our pricing page and fill out an order form. A Marsuno Representative will follow up in 12-24 hours to go over any final details with you!

How long does the process take to build a brand?

At Marsuno Creative, we take on each brand as their own. We aim to get each brand up and running within the first month! We encourage all our clients to really think through all aspects of their brand identity (including colors and design elements, slogans, and products, etc.) and for new brands starting out to put together inspiration or mood boards to help us develop your brand identity and designs.