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sewing services

We have a fully staffed, in-house, sewing team ready to help. Nothing makes your brand stand out more than a neatly sewn woven label. Our sewing experts have been practicing their techniques for decades. We can produce your woven labels and sew on your labels as well. Contact us today for Pricing. But that’s not all a few of our finishing services also include: label printing, label sewing, hem tag sewing, hang tag attachments, fold and poly bag services, and shipping directly your customer.

Please contact us to make an appointment to visit our facility and see the results with your own eyes. We provide options for pick up and delivery at a nominal cost.

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Other Services:
  • Apply woven labels
  • Relabel
  • Remove generic tags
  • Custom tags
  • fold and poly bag
  • Patch Application
  • Chenille Patch Production

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