Make lost inventory a thing of the past.

With our exciting new DTG printing technology, we’re building fast-moving, highly-adaptive brands that work. Unlike the rest of the industry, we’re no longer limited by design or inventory, so you can offer incredible designs to your customers, all while making profit on everything you sell.

Our state of the art ‘Direct to Garment Printing’ technology allows us to print orders as they come in, without minimums. Meaning, no more unsold inventory, up-front screenprint costs, or lag in delivery to your consumer.

You also have the added flexibility of truly controlling your design and product assortment, releasing and changing designs when you want. This makes our on-demand DTG fulfillment service perfect for artists, models and social media stars, brands, and anyone else looking to turn their online presence and social media reach into a dynamic and exciting merchandise line.

At Marsuno Creative, we accept all brands whether they are small or large and have a team of people waiting to help create your vision. Connect with us to build a succesful brand with the longevity and creativity you and your customers are looking for!

Fill out our inquiries from to learn about our requirements of the On Demand T-shirt Fulfillment program, you won’t regret doing business with Marsuno.

Unlimited inventory = Endless possibilities.
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