Digital Transfers:

Do the Digital Transfers have a rough texture?

Digital transfers have a smooth hand feel with a matte (not glossy) finish. Even with the base, the transfers aren’t stiff or hard.

Should I be worried about cracking or fading in the wash?

Digital transfers are among the most durable decoration methods in the industry and typically stand up to fading or cracking better than screen print or DTG printing.

Why would you recommend the Digital Transfers?

Digital Transfers work on almost any garment and can give you optimal print color and brightness. We typically recommend transfers for specialty items like fleece, hats, and jackets, and on shirt designs that have a lot of solid colors.

Is there a limit on the amount of colorways I can use?

Nope! You can apply your transfer onto 1 of our many colorways we have to offer. Same transfer = More Colors.

I know that the DTG Printing doesn’t have a minimum, do the Digital Transfers have one?

Minimum order for digital transfers is 10 pieces per design. Keep in mind, that these transfers work great on a variety of garments and colors, so you don’t necessarily need to do all the transfers on the same items.