An article floating around the internet over the last day and a half takes a very interesting take on branding. A designer takes two brands who have vast differences in design aesthetics and brand values and mashes them up, the result is great.

Logo design and branding are at the very core of all major brands. The small presentation shows exactly the power of two things: One is that brands logos,colors,shapes etc; leave lasting impressions on our minds. Take for example the ‘Good Year’ or ‘Fisher Price’ because we have seen those logos over and over it is easy to see that the logo is incorrect or odd.

Secondly and more importantly the colors,shapes and other elements to a logo immediatley communicate what that business or brand is all about. ‘Chanel’ known for high-end fashion but, when taking the form of a ‘Fisher Price’like logo, the company no longer communicates the message that the brand stands for. Branding is continues to be an ever growing buzzword for designers and non-designers alike. Thanks to small graphic like the one above, everyone can easily see the importance of branding your company correctly.