Our client at G-Force athletics needed custom shirts for his workshops but only needed a handful for some of his staff. With our Direct To Garment printer we were able to knock out two custom designs in a matter of hours in the sizes he needed. You’ll hear us say this time and again but nothing beats DTG for the flexibility of your printing job. This technology lets you print one-offs without any time-consuming set-up or changeover. Check out the results below and hit us up for your custom printed needs.

Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-1 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-2 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-3 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-4

The DTG lays down the white layer and then impressively (and precisely) sprays the gradient effect colors over top.

Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-5 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-6 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-7 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-9

Next up was the second design, subtle color change, no problem for the DTG.


Check out the gradient and speckled detailing on the basketball-style ‘G’

Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-10 Marsuno-DTG-Direct-To-Garment-Printing-G-Force-12

And the finished result!