Here at Marsuno, we recently acquired a state-of-the-art Direct To Garment Printer to expand our printing business. With our FreeJet 330TX DTG printer we can literally print anything with no limit to the complexity of colors, design, or details. Another thing that makes DTG printing so awesome is that, unlike traditional screen printing, we can print infinite variations of a single design without the hassle and time of having to create new screens. All we do is select the image and hit print. To show you the power of this technology, check out this shirt design we recently printed for one of our clients.

This client is an artist and designer from Santa Ana and wanted to be able to faithfully reproduce one of his hand-drawn pieces without having to simplify it for screen printing. He also had a tight timeline and the project had to fit his budget. With our DTG printer we simply took the piece he sent us, optimized it and made sure the size was to spec and let ‘er rip. Check out how it all came together.

First, we had to prep all the shirts for the order which included pressing them, spraying them with pre-treatment, curing the pre-treatment with the heat press, and hanging them to finish drying.

DTG-Printing-Marsuno-1 DTG-Printing-Marsuno-10

Once that was all complete the next step was to start printing. Once the shirt is lined up correctly on the printing platten, it’s just a matter of adjusting the program settings for the shirt type and design and pressing ‘print’. Here it is half way done the design.


These DTG printers work very much like a standard inkjet printer only more elaborate, super precise, and onto clothing instead of paper. Because of the pre-treatment though, the inks don’t soak into the garment like how paper will get soaked with a detailed print. Here you can see the print head moving back and forth.

DTG-Printing-Marsuno-6 DTG-Printing-Marsuno-5

Here’s a look at the finished print, just four minutes of printing to achieve this incredible design. Credit to the artist as well as he did all this just with a ballpoint pen!

DTG-Printing-Marsuno-12 DTG-Printing-Marsuno-14

Once the printing is complete the shirt goes back into the heat press one last time to cure the design and set the ink. The sheet on top of the shirt has a silicone coating so the ink doesn’t transfer to the pressing plate.


And here it is, the order is complete, in a full range of sizes from small to xxl. Regardless if your order is 3 or 300 shirts, we can make it happen. We can also print single shirts or samples along with a range of other products to fit your needs. Contact us for more information!

DTG-Printing-Marsuno-7 DTG-Printing-Marsuno-9