I was surfing the web and found a great article at: Graphic Design Blog. As you can see updating your brand is a “must-do” nowadays. Below you will find some great examples. Enjoy.

In the corporate world, a logo redesign is a two-pronged exercise. In simple words, it has its share of merits and demerits. On the positive side, a logo redesign can help build credibility and strengthen brand identity. While on the negative part, it can play a role in disrupting the image of the company.

We witnessed a huge number of logo redesigns in 2009 and pretty much the same was expected in 2010 as well. Although it is too early to count the logo redesigns in the corporate world, but halfway through, there have been a number of mentionable logo redesigns this year. To wrap up the first five months of 2010, I have assembled a remarkable collection of 20 redesigned logos. 1 ) Google logo:

Google logo
2 ) MTV logo:
MTV logo
3 ) Argos logo:
4 ) Skittles logo:
Skittles logo
5 ) NET logo:
NET logo
6 ) Missile Defense Agency logo:
Missile Defense Agency logo
7 ) Yellow Pages logo:
Yellow Pages logo
8 ) Netcom logo:
Netcom logo
9 ) Rhapsody logo:
Rhapsody logo
10 ) Library of Congress logo:
Library of Congress logo
11 ) Scribd logo:
Scribd logo
12 ) UEFA Euro 2012 logo:
UEFA Euro 2012 logo
13 ) Seattle’s Best Coffee logo:
Seattle’s Best Coffee logo
14 ) Bausch+lomb logo:
Bausch+lomb logo
15 ) Cousins Subs logo:
Cousins Subs logo
16 ) EU organic logo:
EU organic logo
17 ) The State University of New York logo:
The State University of New York logo
18 ) Ubuntu logo:
Ubuntu logo
19 ) UK Space Agency logo:
UK Space Agency logo
20 ) Wikipedia logo:
Wikipedia logo
In conclusion, I would like you to comment on our latest logo redesign of graphicdesignblog.org, a part of the GDB revamp.
Graphic Design Blog Logo:
Graphic Design Blog logo

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I would like to credit and thank Brand New here, as most of these redesigns were picked from there.