The Marcas Contemporary Art Gallery in Santa Ana just wrapped up a cool exhibit on hand-painted sign work from artists across the US. Sign Painters, An Exhibit Focusing on the Art of Sign Painting features the work of some incredible artists pursuing this classic, but not forgotten art form in a variety of styles.

To an untrained eye, a traditionally painted sign might not seem like anything special, especially since many digital artists are mimicking  these same techniques today. But, for an avid designer, a piece of work where every stroke is intentional, is nothing less than a masterpiece. Working with typography in a traditional setting such as hand-drawn and painted signs is one of the great ways to really understand the inner workings of kerning, leading, and other foundations of type.

Here’s hoping this traditional method continues on into the future and the demand for unique skilled craft never dies. Check out some shots and video from the exhibit below. For more information, check out the Marcus Contemporary Art Gallery here.

IMG_4462 IMG_4464 IMG_4467 sign+painters_2