One of the biggest challenges in growing your brand is actually making money off of your merchandise. If you’re a musician, a model, a photographer, etc. selling shirts and posters can be a great source of income, but it can also be a huge gamble. Traditionally, you would have to come up with a design that you’re positive will be a hit, order a bunch of stock, then start selling. Only problem is, you won’t start making any money until you’ve sold enough product to cover what it cost you just to make it. On top of that you’ve got shipping costs, not to mention all the time you’ll spend putting this all together.

The good news is, we’re out to change this, in a big way. We want you to make money on the very first piece you sell, and you can do it with our On-Demand Fulfillment Service. Our state-of-the-art Direct to Garment printing technology allows us to print orders as they come in. This digital printing allows us to print unlimited colors on a wide range of garments all at the click of the button. We can print text, logos, even photos, in full-color and stunning detail with no added cost to you. No more money spent on inventory, expensive screen printing costs and fees, and no more lag in delivery to your consumer.

You also have the added flexibility of releasing new designs whenever you want so you can try new designs, keep your assortment fresh, or drop special releases, all on your schedule. With all of this power you can grow your brand exponentially and make money the whole time.

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All you need to get started is your design(s) and a platform to sell on. In 10 minutes you can set up a free Big Cartel shop and start selling. Need help with your designs and shop? We can do that too. Once you’re set up, you just take the orders and leave the rest to us. When you receive an order simply forward us the invoice and our portion of the order and we’ll print, pack, and ship it to your customer. We fulfill all on-demand orders in 1-3 business days so your customers get their gear fast.



You have a couple of payment options but we recommend that you receive the money directly from the order and then send us our portion via Paypal. Depending on order volume and convenience, we can accept payment on a per-order, daily, or weekly basis. We have a fixed rate we will negotiate with you once you choose your designs and garments, but you’re free to set and change your retail price. We don’t take any extra percentages or charge hidden fees. We like to offer you a transparent system that gives you the power to set your pricing and manage your brand. This encourages growth since the more you sell, the more you make, and that means more business for us; it’s a win-win.



We ship all orders through USPS so we can offer you and your customers the fastest, safest, most cost-effective solution. We use top quality poly mailers and custom sized boxes and can also offer custom labeling.



Direct To Garment (DTG) printing is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the apparel manufacturing industry. The printers work somewhat like a traditional inkjet printer, where ink from CMYK-colored and white tanks are mixed on the fly on the print head and then applied to the garment. The ink is then sprayed onto the surface of the shirt with unbelievable precision and adheres to the garment with a specialized pretreatment formula. The inks are water-based allowing new levels of detail beyond what a screen and thicker textile ink can produce. The printers are highly adjustable, allowing all kinds of printing possibilities. Once a print is complete, it is heat pressed to cure the ink, resulting in a stunning, long-lasting final product.

To find out more about our DTG printing, check out our DTG info page.



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