Direct To Garment printing offers unparalleled production flexibility while producing stunning results. This new printing technology brings a new digital precision to the world of garment printing, pushing the limits of what’s possible beyond with traditional methods like silk screening can produce. Gradients, precise details, and even photos can be faithfully reproduced with no limits to colors or complexity. Designs can be edited and switched with a click of a mouse making changeover a breeze. No more complicated setups, no more waiting; print with us now!



– No order minimums
– Fast turnaround
– Unmatched design flexibility
– Cutting-edge results
– No setup fees



– Single pieces and sample packs
– On-demand drop-shipping agreements
– Custom garment printing no matter how big or small the order
– Mass production screen printing, embroidery, and re-tagging/re-labeling
– Wholesale garment sourcing of all kinds from the leaders in the industry





Take a look at some of our recent client projects. Designs here have been printed from digital photos, 35mm film photos, Instagram photos, business logos, and art pieces.

Expendables3 Mocking-Jay-1 Little-Jars-1 Raskals-Rel-Tee Rant-Store-2 Rant-Store-4

The technology:

Direct To Garment (DTG) printing is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the apparel manufacturing industry. The printers work somewhat like a traditional inkjet printer, where ink from CMYK-colored and white tanks are mixed on the fly on the print head and then applied to the garment. The ink is then sprayed onto the surface of the shirt with unbelievable precision and adheres to the garment with a specialized pretreatment formula. The inks are water-based allowing new levels of detail beyond what a screen and thicker textile ink can produce. The printers are highly adjustable, allowing all kinds of printing possibilities. Once a print is complete, it is heat pressed to cure the ink, resulting in a stunning, long-lasting final product.