Here is some gear we designed for the up and coming clothing brand, Dalyss! Very rarely, do we get such a dope project to work on. This is the first batch that we helped Alyssa from Dalyss clothing bake up…but more is coming soon. Be on the lookout for Dalyss!

Shirt Designs by Marsuno Creative Design Agency

Dalyss Fall Collection

Lick My Kicks!

Urban Shirt Design by Marsuno

Dalyss Silhouette Tee

Sexy Silhouette Shirt Design

Usual Suspects Tee

It's always the usual suspects...

Planking on a Million Tee

Dalyss design by Marsuno

Dalyss Dream Catcher

Catch your dreams and make them happen!

Killa Dalyss Tee

Slick Graphic Tee Design

Sneaker Head Tee

Are you a Sneaker Head??