1. Keep pages focused

Today’s average online user has an extremely low tolerance and attention span. The key is making sure you keep the content that is essential, avoid loading large amounts of information in hopes that the user will read through all of it and find the most important bits. Keep your pages focused and emphasize exactly what your visitor should know for each unique page. All forms should be as concise as possible, this increases the chances of your form being filled out exponentially.




2. Post great writing and content

No matter the amazing graphics and visuals on any one page of your website unless there is clear and focused content your visitor won’t know exactly what you want. Seems like a give-in? It is not however, on the contrary often times business owners focus on the way they come off to a potential customer instead of focusing in on the exact action they wish a customer to perform. The screenshot show exactly what focused well written content and design look like, the result is a clear understanding of what the page is for and what Square wants there customers to know.





3. Clear call to action

Every page needs a clear purpose for being on your website, whether it is to gather info, make a purchase or download a file your visitor should have a eye-catching call to action. The opposite is true as well, having a plethora of call to action buttons and links makes your visitor confused as to exactly what you want them to perform. Finding the perfect mix between the two is essential to converting visitors into new prospective customers


4. Continuously test your page.

This may seem like a no brainer but making sure you continuously test your page ensures that you maximize your potential. After time your visitors will grow fatigued of seeing your same page or call to actions over time, so changing them up periodically ensures your customers won’t grow tired of seeing the same things over and over. A/B testing when you are testing your pages is the most successful way to determine if your changes are making a significant difference.




The verdict

Does your website need a makeover or an update? Not sure if you website is actually optimized to generate leads or sales? Contact us today and find out exactly how quickly and affordable we can make changes to your website or by creating a new website for you to create leads.