A story that keeps getting passed around is about a young 14yr boy who for his middle school science project came to the conclusion he could help our government save over $400 million dollars by switching fonts. Currently most U.S. government paper documents use the font Times New Roman, Mirchandani’s school project asserts that if our government were to change the font to Garamound they would save a large amount of money.

The story has grown so large it got the attention of Fast Company where they debunk why it won’t really work. The three biggest points the article comments is the fact that Garamound at the same point size of Times New Roman will cost nearly the same in ink cost. Secondly the government doesn’t pay retail pricing for ink like we as consumers do which the school project assumed. Lastly the government will most often use toner which is much more cost effective than inkjet ink.

To read the full details head over to Fast Company to see the technical reasoning.