I was approached by the Omniprint International team with a request to rebrand their revolutionary direct to print machine, The Freejet. After seeing what the Freejet 500TX could do I was sold on it’s production ability. Aesthetically, the machine is built like a jet, from it’s smooth angles to it’s aerodynamic structure. This machine trumps the competition and I wanted to showcase that within the logomark.

I chose: Usuzi Italic, as the typeface to go with. It illustrates motion, and symmetry. I studied the shapes and angles of the machine and noted it’s intricately shaped angles. I decided to take some pictures and skew them to form ‘jet-like’ wings to symbolize the ‘free as a jet’ concept. Anyway enough with the boring design jibber jabber….

Freejet Logo

Freejet: Brings your visions to life.