Yahoo as of late have been pushing to once again emerge as a giant within the software and community driven websites. With the recent acquisition of Tumblr for an estimated 1.1 billion dollars its apparent that Yahoo! is seeking to connect with the ‘younger’ audience they have neglected for a long time time now.  Today they have re-designed the out dated , a much needed re design. The focus is now on the photos, with a tumblog style of large photos that enlarge when clicked out the user to view all the photos of an uploader without all the distracting white space there once was. Check out the site for yourself!

Here are some of our favorite changes highlighted below.


Sliding to different photo sizes dynamically shows you how many photos you can upload with your free 1tb storage space


After reading the homepage content blocks while viewing the curate galleries a pop up nudging you to join pops up, Genius!


The all new search shows you what you want, photos.